Luke & Kayla // Orchard Home Wedding

I have gone to school with Kayla since middle school and my husband went to school with Luke, so when they asked me to capture their wedding day I was beyond thrilled. It’s always an extra special honor to capture the wedding of dear friends. This day was perfect from beginning to end. Kayla was the most laid back and relaxed bride I have ever had, and it was such a joy to watch her and Luke TRULY enjoy their wedding, with no stress or worries, just pure love for each other and all of their friends and family who came to join in the celebration. It was a lovely June day, greenery everywhere, and the happiest wedding colors ever! Bright mint and coral details made everything cheerful, and then of course the biggest smiles on Luke and Kayla’s faces made everything that much better!

Often times at a wedding, I will be holding my camera up photographing and I’ll realize I have a smile a mile wide on my face as well. I just can’t help it! These days are so joyful and I am so incredibly blessed to call this my job!

Thank you Luke and Kayla for inviting me to photograph your perfect day and your perfect love!